The Meaning Behind Our Name - nine five ltd.

June 30, 2015

We love when we have the opportunity to introduce a group of people to our brand and explain where our name, nine five ltd., originated. After completing the explanation on the meaning and concept of nine five ltd. to our new fans.....looking at their faces is like watching a light bulb go off.

Ok, so here we go. The nine five part of our name comes from the saying 9 to 5 and plays off the connotation it has with the work hours we spend daily at our jobs.   Most people simply think the LTD. is the corporate abbreviation for limited and while the word limited does play a role in the meaning behind our name…the LTD is actually an acronym for our mantra…Live This Day. So, when you put it all together, the name nine five ltd. embodies and implies that it is our job to live this day. Oh, and by the way, our days are limited…so live each day to the fullest all while helping those less fortunate do the same.

We hope the next time you look at our brand name and throw on your hat, tee shirt or sweatshirt with our logo on it…it acts as a reminder of how important today is and gives you an extra sense of purpose.

Next time someone asks you… “whats that logo, what brand is that”? Go ahead and share the story and meaning behind the brand...wait for that light bulb to go off…and share a smile.


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