Why Patriots Day Is Special To Us

April 16, 2018

As a New England based company, Patriot's Day holds a special meaning to us. People from all walks of life and from all over the world ascend on the Hub to take part in the Boston Marathon and Patriot's Day. Whether it's the athlete's themselves or the loved ones there for support, the energy is as immense and powerful as any Championship Duck Boat parade this city has seen so often the past decade. The difference is that these athlete's are you and I. They're people choosing to Live This Day and run 26.2 miles through the city of Boston. They're the guy making your espresso in the morning that is running for the cousin he lost from cancer far too young. They're the woman teaching your kids about Samual Adams in 3rd grade running to raise awareness for undereducated children outside our borders. They're servicemen and women carrying our flag in full military gear. And they're a group of people running to simply prove something to themselves. No matter the reason, the inspiration is endless. 

For us, these great stories, the pure human spirit, and the palpable amount of love this day gives is always a great time for self-reflection. It’s for looking back at what was, and more importantly, looking forward to thinking about what could be. It’s for setting the bar high for yourself, and forgiving yourself in failure. A reminder that every victory and defeat is a lesson learned and an opportunity to grow. And if you’re lucky enough, it's a time to support your friends and family at the finish line and enjoying some local IPA’s after delivering hugs and high fives to those receiving their medals.

Reflection on this day led us back to thinking about our company in 2016. Which sort of reminds us of deciding to sign up for the marathon. This was the first year for us that we really started feeling like we were on to something. Every time adversity would emerge and discourage us, someone like you would send us a letter telling us how much our company meant to you, your family, and the causes that you believe in. It was at the end of that year we realized that our Put A Lid On Movement was becoming just that.. a movement. We realized that just about everyone who engaged with us REALLY believed it too! We talked a lot about how much we wanted to build a brand that helped people. In 2016 we started walking the walk. But we didn't just want to walk..we're from New England, we host the Boston Marathon.. we wanted to RUN

2017 was a monumental year for us. We decided to go all in with this. We decided to invest all we had in the belief that with YOU, we could truly help make the world a better place. We grew as a company. We put out some fresh new designs that we take so much pride in seeing you all rock each and every day. And most importantly, we ended the year having tripled our donation amount from 2016. All with the personal touch of you, who chose what matters most to you.

We are so proud of the fact that we get to do what we love every single day and get to go to bed each night knowing we’re helping others do the same. We couldn’t do it without each and every one of you. We don’t consider a single one of you our customers, we consider you friends. The stories you’ve shared, the special notes you’ve requested to be delivered in our packages, and the ‘human element’ you add to the experience of what we do make our gear much more than a hat or a hoodie. YOU make it a statement that what you wear is a reflection of who you are at the core. You are someone that cares. You’re someone who helps those who need a hand. And you don’t mind looking damn good doing it! 

In 2018 we want to continue to hear more from you. We want to continue to be a brand you and your families take pride wearing every day. We want to listen to you. We want you to use the Nine Five community as a platform for you to feel comfortable sharing the stories of overcoming adversity or helping someone get through their trying times. We want you to see other's wearing our gear and feel good that other's in your community care about giving back to those in need as much as you do. We want to get to know you personally. We want the Nine Five Logo to be a beacon of hope and one you wear on your head and heart proudly. We've been training, we're ready to run our own marathon, and we want you to join us!

So friends of Nine Five LTD…Cheers to you...cheers to those who've already joined us and those new to the family. We can’t wait to show you all what’s to come and how we can continue to Live This Day today, and everyday. 

-The Nine Five LTD Family

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