Road Trip - Adventure is Out There

We asked nine five ltd. friend, fan, photographer and avid adventurer, Nikki Hand, to share her thoughts on the timeless act of going on a road trip.

When I was young, a road trip meant sitting in a car for hours on end waiting until we finally reached our destination. We’d break open a bag of potato chips and pass it around. We’d talk or just plug into our CD players and listen away. I think of a road trip a lot different now. Spending a lot of my time shooting photography outdoors, I love driving in the car watching the landscape change as the hours go by. It is art. It so beautiful. 

 A road trip is that time I get to explore something I haven’t seen before. With other obligations holding me back from just leaving for months and exploring, this is my time. This is my time to live this day. The days that I am given to just go out and experience something new. People get so caught up in their lives that they make it so hard for themselves to just take a weekend and go somewhere. I have to make time. I have to finish everything I had planned to do for the weekend during the week! I have to pack everything up and keep checking if I have everything I need. Then finally, I can hit the road!

I get to see those changing landscapes again. I get to listen to some great tunes. I get to stop at those funky places on the side of the road and buy some jewelry. Then, I get to arrive. I finally get to explore and take photos of the great views and adventures. I get to laugh a lot and make memories that will last forever. Most importantly, I get to live this day.

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