Stick and Share


Every nine five ltd. product comes with a sweet little sticker attached to the hang tag featuring our motto... live this day.

We felt it was important to give you a little something extra to act as a reminder of how important each day is. Or maybe, you want to share the message with the world so you stick it somewhere for others to see...even better, perhaps you put the sticker in your wallet/handbag so one day when you are spontaneously compelled to place it in the perfect spot, boom... you have it in your back pocket or bag.

Now that you have placed your sticker exactly where you want it, be sure to take a picture of it and email it to so we can share it via social media and on our website. Each month, we will select the coolest, most original placed sticker photo and the winner will be the proud owner of a new nine five ltd. hat along with another sticker.

Please remember, if you are using Instagram or Twitter... tag us, @ninefiveltd and the photo with #ninefiveltd, #livethisday and #stickandshare