Back on My Feet Boston

Back on My Feet Boston (BoMF) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to fostering independence and self-sufficiency within the homeless and at-risk population by utilizing a proven, disruptive technology: a carefully designed and closely monitored team running environment coupled with conservative but progressive goal-setting. BoMF does not provide food or shelter, but does foster a positive inside-out change in each Member. Through running and walking, BoMF creates a common link between our Members, our volunteers and the communities that we serve. For Back on My Feet, running is the means by which our members discover that they are capable of accomplishing anything with hard work and dedication. Through our programs, BoMF Members are smoking less, making better nutrition choices, getting regular exercise, enrolling in school and job training courses at greater rates and moving from emergency housing to independent living. They credit Back on My Feet with giving them a renewed sense of belief in themselves and the courage to take the steps to move their lives forward. Using the power of wellness, community and shared commitment, Back on My Feet measures success not by miles logged, but by the achievements of our Members on their road home.

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